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The latest bleeding edge firmware is auto-compiled and posted in the forum. Get the latest and greatest.


See the firmware update tutorial for detailed instructions

  • Grab the latest and greatest auto-build firmware from the forum
  • Open the .zip archive and extract your firmware
  • If your Bus Pirate came in a case (most boards), use bus_pirate5_rev10.uf2
  • Type $ and press enter in the Bus Pirate terminal to enter bootloader/upgrade mode
  • A USB drive called RPI-RP2 will connect to your computer
  • Drag a .uf2 firmware file into the RPI-RP2 drive

The file copies, the Bus Pirate resets, and you're good to go!


Bus Pirate blinking red? Recent firmware detects the hardware revision at startup. It will blink red if there is a mismatch.

Enter the bootloader manually (plug in the USB cable while pressing the button on the bottom side) and try the other file.

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