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Writing Documentation

To avoid using screenshots, which have variable quality and aren't screen reader friendly, most of the Bus Pirate terminal output is shown as actual text inside a React component tag. This page describes how to capture, convert and export terminal output for use in this documentation.

Disable the Bus Pirate toolbar

Disable the Bus Pirate toolbar

The screen redraw activity form the Bus Pirate toolbar will make a mess in the output. Open Tera Term and disable the toolbar before logging.

  • From the Bus Pirate command prompt choose c for the configuration menu.
  • Choose ANSI toolbar mode and Disable.

Capture Terminal Output

Teraterm log menu

  • In Tera Term select File>Log....

Teraterm log configuration

  • Under options select Binary and Append.
  • Unselect Plain text if it is not automatically disabled.
  • Click Save, then perform the Bus Pirate tasks you want to record.

Convert VT100 to HTML

Install ansi-to-html.

npx ansi-to-html teraterm.log > test.html

Convert the Tera Term .log file to html from an OS command prompt using this command.

Convert HTML tags for use in docs

Clean.html browser cleanup tool

The final conversion step simply replaces the ansi-to-html color codes with our custom Bus Pirate terminal html color classes, and does a few other escape things to make the output play well with Docusaurus.

  • Open clean.html in a web browser.
  • Open the log output (test.html) in a text editor.
  • Paste the contents of test.html into the box in the web browser.
  • Click Run Script.

Copy the processed output from the browser box. It's ready to add to the documentation.

Paste the output in docs

Bus Pirate [/dev/ttyS0]
LED-()> m

Mode selection

1. HiZ
3. I2C
4. SPI
5. LED
x. Exit
Mode > 1
Mode: HiZ

Paste the output into a markdown file, the extension must be .mdx.

import BrowserWindow from '@site/src/components/BrowserWindow';

Import the BrowserWindow component using this code on the first line below the front mater.

Wrap the terminal output in <BrowserWindow> </BrowserWindow> tags.


The <BrowserWindow> React component only works in pages with .mdx extension.