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IC Card and SIM adapter

The IC card and SIM adapter for Bus Pirate 5 has sockets for mini, micro and nano SIM cards. Everything is connected and ready to go - get started right away.

Common IC cards usually follow the ISO 7816-3 standard and have the same pinout and contact shape. Image source.

mini, micro, and nano SIM cards

The top of the adapter has sockets for mini, micro, and nano SIM cards. Most mobile phone SIM cards use a half-duplex serial UART interface, such as the Bus Pirate HDPLXUART mode.

U16 pin mini SIM card socket
U28 pin micro SIM card socket
U36 pin nano SIM card socket

We looked at a lot of sockets and decided these were the best bet. Complex sockets with springs, hinges and slides are prone to break. These simple sockets should hold up better with repeated use.

Smart IC cards

A KF-011C socket on the reverse accepts most ISO 7816-3 smart cards:

A card detect switch is connected to an LED on the top of the board. CARD LED will light when a card is inserted.

Power and Ground Selection

SwitchNormalIO pinDescription
VCCVOUTIO0Connect VCC pin of the socket to VOUT or IO0
GNDGNDIO1Connect GND pin of the socket to GND or IO1

SW1 and SW2 along the side of the adapter select the power (VCC) and ground (GND) connection to the card socket. For normal use select VCC:VOUT and GND:GND. Found a non-standard pinout? Flip the switches to connect the VCC and GND pins of the socket to Bus Pirate pins IO0 and IO1.

Pin Connections

Bus PirateIC Card/SIMAdapterDescription
VoutC1VCCBus Pirate power supply to socket VCC
IO0C7I/OI/O data pin
IO1C3CLKClock pin
IO2C2RSTReset pin
IO3C6VPPProgramming voltage pin
IO4C1IOVCCIO4 connection to socket VCC
IO5C5IOGNDIO5 connection to socket GND
IO6C8N/AC8 unused pad. micro SIM and IC card only
IO7C4N/AC4 unused pad. micro SIM and IC card only
GNDC5GNDBus Pirate ground to socket ground


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